The Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank's (AIIB) response to Covid-19 may determine its emerging role in development finance, for good or ill. While it has responded quickly and substantially to the pressing needs of its members, these actions risk contributing to debt risks, institutional overreach, and perceived favoritism towards Beijing.

Ayse Kaya, Christopher Kilby, and Jonathan Kay

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Hidden Harbors: China’s State-backed Shipping Industry

| By Jude Blanchette, Jonathan E. Hillman, Maesea McCalpin, and Mingda Qiu

China's state-owned and private companies are increasingly dominant across the global maritime supply chain, aided by an opaque system of formal and informal government support that is unrivaled in both its scale and scope.

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The Strategic Benefits of an Anglo-American Free Trade Agreement

| By Heather A. Conley

As China emerges as the new dominant trading nation, overcoming the barriers to a free trade agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom, the world's largest and fifth-largest economies, could balance China’s rise and infuse the digital future with democratic standards.

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Belt, Road, and Beyond

In March 2021, CSIS will host a Master’s-level introduction to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The course will explain what the BRI is, what it is not, and how it is impacting commercial and strategic realities on the ground.

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India Seeks $4B PPP for National Rails

India is considering partial privatization of it's aging, 68,000-km national railway system through public-private partnerships (PPPs) that would draw an estimated $4B in total investment, Nikkei reports.

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Gwadar: China's Potential Strategic Strongpoint in Pakistan

| By Isaac B. Kardon, Conor M. Kennedy, and Peter A. Dutton

This case study of Gwadar port, part of a series on China’s Indian Ocean “strategic strongpoints” (战略支点), reveals that while Gwadar may one day serve as a major platform ...

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Becoming a Chinese Client State

| By Heather A. Conley, Jonathan E. Hillman, Maesea McCalpin, and Donatienne Ruy

This report examines Chinese economic activities in Serbia to shed light on China’s political and economic objectives, its mechanisms for influence, and the implications of its activities, including a ...

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