China-Belarus Great Stone Industrial Park (Construction)

China-Belarus Great Stone Industrial Park





Under Construction

Total Reported Cost

30.0 billion USD


Start Date

Oct. 2010

Start of Construction

Dec. 11 2015

Planned Completion Date



Source(s) Amount
1,500,000,000 USD
1,500,000,000 USD


Advertised as the "pearl of the Silk Road Economic Belt," the Great Stone Industrial Park will be the largest industrial park in Europe established by China. The park is located 25km east of Minsk, right next to the Minsk National Airport, and will occupy an area of approximately 80km2. The project is expected to be completed in about 30 years, although segments of the park will open as they are finished. Belorussian government officials expect to have about 10,000 people working and living in the park by 2020, and more than 130,000 people by 2030. They plan for the project to attract $30 billion worth of foreign investment and are providing lucrative tax exemptions to lure prospective residents.

Photo credit: SERGEI GAPON/AFP/Getty Images