Georgia: Tbilisi Railway Bypass Project

Georgia: Tbilisi Railway Bypass Project





Under Construction

Total Reported Cost

290.0 million EUR


Start Date

Aug. 2009

Start of Construction

Sept. 2010

Planned Completion Date


Source(s) Amount
100,000,000 USD
250,000,000 USD


The project called for the construction of a new railway route bypassing the central area of the city of Tbilisi for oil exports. The project’s aim is ultimately to improve the efficiency and safety of rail operations within the city of Tbilisi enabling relocation and consolidation of the existing rail facilities located in the centre of the urban area. This project will also provide an impetus for the redevelopment of freed up territories and reintegration of the city.

In 2011, Georgian Railways decided to pursue the construction of the project without EBRD's loan, according to

In September 2013, Georgian Railways announced that 213 million US dollars were already spent on the project.

In December 2013, the government of Georgia announced that the project would be restructured and continued by 2016, according to