Sevastopol - Simferopol - Kerch Highway (Construction)

Tavrida Highway





Under Construction

Total Reported Cost

166.0 billion RUB


Start Date

March 2014

Start of Construction

May 12 2017

Planned Completion Date

Sept. 30 2020




Source(s) Amount
166,000,000,000 RUB


This approximately 280 km highway is one of several Russian mega-projects intended to develop the Crimean peninsula and facilitate its connection with the Russian mainland since the territory was annexed in March 2014. The road will connect three important cities on the peninsula – Sevastopol, home to the Russian navy's Black Sea fleet, Simferopol, the capital of Crimea, and Kerch, the gateway to the Russian mainland. Russia authorities planned to connect the highway with the Kerch Strait Bridge in December 2018, but the highway project has lagged behind. It is scheduled to open as a two-lane highway in 2018, while construction continues on the remaining two lanes until 2020. Total expected cost for this project has risen several times since its conception: from 85 billion rubles in March 2016 to 139 billion in July 2016, and now 166 billion since October 2017.