Terminal Logistics Center "Beliy Rast"

Terminal Logistics Center "Beliy Rast"





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In the Dmitrov district near Moscow, Terminal Logistics Center "Beliy Rast" is part of Russian Railways' pilot program to modernize Russia's logistics network. On November 7, 2016, Russian Railways agreed to cooperate on the project's development with the China Yingkou Port Group Corporation. The agreement signed stipulates that the Yingkou Port Group will acquire 49% of the project's shares.

This project aims to fulfill the aims of the Strategy for Developing Rail Transport in the Russian Federation up to 2030 and Moscow's General Development Plan of the Moscow railway hub. It is one of the largest multi-functional logistics centers in Moscow and is expected to improve the efficiency of the "One Belt One Road", especially the Europe-China rail transit.

Beliy Rast will be a multi-functional terminal and logistics center, consisting of a container terminal, terminals for heavy and bulky goods, vehicles, and loose bulk cargoes, warehouses, as well as a customs center. According to Yingkou Port Group, investments in the project have reached 18 billion rubles so far.